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Sepcon Systems is a specialist in providing solutions and process systems for the treatment of water, wastewater, ultra-pure water and environmental engineering. We bring together innovation and experience. Unlike other resources, there is no substitute for water and only 0.3% of all of Earth’s water is readily available freshwater. It is a resource that needs to be protected and valued. Our passion is to innovate and bring to the market systems and solutions that are efficient and sustaiable. We take the time to thoroughly understand our customers’ needs. That is why Sepcon Systems focuses exclusively on engineering sustainability.

Consider the world's entire water as equivalent to a 4 Litre jug, then all the freshwater that is available for all of us on the planet is only 1 table spoon.

Consider the world's entire water as equivalent to a 4 Litre jug, then all the freshwater that is available for all of us on the planet is only 1 table spoon.

As an engineering company we specialise in water sustainability needs, environmental pollution control and alternate renewable sources of energy. Water and Waste-Water Treatment and Management is primary focus, with the use of advanced treatment technologies, we provide turnkey products and solutions that provide guaranteed results.

We have been part of this movement since 1996, establishing a very large clientele of both private and governmental organisations with plants and projects operating on applications ranging from drinking water, sewage treatment and fresh water treatment and management of housing communities, municipalities and public spaces, hotels, hospitals to industrial effluent treatment and hazardous liquid waste treatment and reuse to public lake reclamations and rejuvenations to recreational water features and bodies. The vast hands on expertise that we have developed will help you place the much needed confidence in your decision to partner with us.

The concept has been to design, supply, commission, operate and maintain the plants in such a way that the optimized investments lead to efficient use or re-use and recycle of the precious water resource thereby giving great economical benefits while still helping you play a vital role in the sustenance of the environment. The breadth in the variety of treatment methods and technologies calls for the design of the most appropriate treatment type and process and this is where our advantage lies as we will suggest and custom design the right technology to meet your specific needs.

Our holistic approach right from designing to operating & maintaining the plant can help you focus on your primary goals while we take care of your efforts in meeting stringent environment protection norms and also help save environment and its resources for tomorrow's needs.


  • Tailor designed, manufactured, constructed and tested custom systems and solutions. 
  • Optimised systems with guaranteed results. 
  • Multiple business models for project implementation. 
  • A host of value added services and features.​


  • Modern Technologies of Sequential Batch Reaction, Media based batch treatment, Membrane bio reaction and filtrations, reverse osmosis, ultra filtration etc. 
  • Conventional technologies to suit your requirements.
  • By product treatment and reuse and Alternate energy production: Waste to Energy. 
  • Environment sustainability and Zero liquid discharge.  


  • Versatile multi - disciplinary team.
  • 24/7 service on site and strong vendor support.
  • The guarantee of in-house integration and fabrication of products and systems.
  • Efficient engineering, skilled installation, trained O&M teams. 
"Water is the essence of life and the environment is the base. We at Sepcon Systems have made it our mission to sustain and help you sustain them."


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